Helping you and your child with autism to live a happy and healthy life.

Recognize the signs of autistic melt-downs and have the tools and information to prevent them.

Have Less Stress and Less Worry

Enjoy a more relaxed and peaceful home.

Have more quality time for you and your spouse.

Being the parent of an child with Autism can be overwhelming.

Neither you or your child is getting much sleep.

Your child is having public meltdowns.

Both you and your child are crying a lot.

Your homelife and family are stressed.

Having autism is not fair to anyone. So you shouldn’t blame yourself if you’re struggling as the parent of an autistic child.

Hi! I’m Amatulla Alexander

As the mother of twin boys with autism, I know that being the parent of a child with autism can be challenging. But the good news is, with the right help, both you and your child can live happy and healthy lives.

After my twins were diagnosed with autism at the age of 2, I wanted to be able to help them as best as I could so I decided to become a Certified Autism Youth Counselor. After getting certified I began working at Bellfaire JCB in Cleveland, Ohio and since have had the opportunity to work with and help hundreds of children and their parents learn to cope and live happy lives with autism. I’d like to help you too.

With the right help and the right toys to help them cope with their autism you can find the life you’ve been wanting.

Schedule a call and let’s talk.

Bring Out Your Child’s Hidden Genius

Be A Successful Autism Winner!


Recognize The Symptoms and Avoid Meltdowns.


Have a Daily Schedule For Your Child To Follow


Get Toys To Help Them Cope

A few words from some that I’ve helped.

“After learning our daughter was diagnosed with autism it felt as though our life was slowly spinning out of control. Then I was introduced to Amatulla. She helped me develop a daily plan and provided us to the information and tools to help us take back control of our lives. We now once again have peace in our home and I love seeing our daughter happy. Thank you Amatulla! “

Happy Mom

Autism Toys That Help Your Child

Coming Soon! 

Three Steps To Get The Help You Need

Step 1: Let’s Talk

I’d like to get to know and learn more about you and your child, such as their age, grade, and whether they are verbal or non-verbal.

Step 2: Create a Custom Plan

Together we’ll create a custom plan, using a daily regular routine and toys that will help you child to thrive.

Step 3: Get Back to Living

Imagine having a more peaceful home. Being able to hire a babysitter and going to a movie. Have more time for yourself, and more quality time to spend with those you love. And best of all, see your child thrive!